University of Helsinki, Faculty of Pharmacy



University of Helsinki has given post-graduate education in industrial pharmacy for pharmacists (both B.Sc. and M.Sc.) working full time in industry since 1993. This education is called for specialising studies (45 ECTS) for B.Sc. and Licentiate Degree (60 ECTS) for M.Sc. Teaching is given in three-year cycles. Since 2003 the curriculum has included following courses: Formulation I (English, solid dosage forms), Formulation II (English, controlled release dosage forms), Formulation III (English, other dosage forms), Biopharmaceutics in Pharmaceutical Product Development (English), Development and Use of Veterinary Medication, GMP course, Quality systems and quality management, Pharmaceutical Business, Expert Leadership, and Operations of Pharmaceutical Industry and Wholesale. Since 2008 Industrial Pharmacy has become a full discipline giving an opportunity to make PhD in Industrial Pharmacy and M.Sc. students are able to do their last year advanced studies in Industrial Pharmacy. The industrial pharmacy teaching staff includes one professor, two university lecturers and one assistant teacher. The current project would give an excellent opportunity for UoH to build an international network with other universities having interest of industrial education collaborations. Also the possibility to use e-learning, videoconferencing or sharing common courses would be beneficial.

Associated Staff
Professor Anne Juppo
Dr. Marikki Peltoniemi
Dr. Mia Sivén