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The Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade (UoB) was the first and, until the year 2000, the only HEI for Pharmacy Education in Serbia and the region, originating from the Department of Pharmacy established in 1939. The academic staff involves a number of 165 staff members. The Faculty offers educational programs for pharmacists on the undergraduate and postgraduate level: 2 integrated (5 years) undergraduate study programs (MPharm and MPharm-Medical Biochemist) admitting a number of 310 students per year; 18 postgraduate qualification/specialisation courses (200 students per year) and the PhD programme (45 students per year).

The Faculty organise postgraduate courses in Industrial Pharmacy meeting the EU and national legal requirements for Qualified Pharmacist and Production Manager responsible, respectively, for product release and product manufacture in the pharmaceutical industry. Faced with the rapidly enlarged knowledge base, need for specialised knowledge and orientation towards the scientific understanding and quality risk management in pharmaceutical development (ICHQ8;, the necessity for closer collaboration and partnership with other HEI and industry has been recognised.

The UoB project team members will engage in academic collaboration and exchange of ideas and good practices with other partner institutions; work on the review and revisions of the undergraduate curricula of pharmacy degree courses; identification of the learning needs of industrial pharmacists; design of relevant CPD courses and development of relevant educational materials.

The UoB project team will actively contribute to dissemination and exploitation of project results, particularly, on the national and regional level (Western Balkan region) through publication and presentation of the Project activities and achievements at relevant scientific and professional meetings.

The anticipated project activities will complement the continuous improvement of undergraduate and postgraduate industrial pharmacy curricula as well as the activities related to the establishment of the national Centre for Industrial Pharmacy, aimed at providing the platform for cooperation and partnership between academia and pharmaceutical industry.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade closely collaborates and has signed the Cooperation agreements with the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia, as well as the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Serbia (Galenika ad, Hemofarm ad) which will be involved in the current Project as associated partners.
Associated Staff

Associate Professor Jelena Parojčić

Associate Professor Svetlana Ibrić

Associate Professor Snežana Savić

Assistant Professor Dragana Vasiljević

Assistant Professor Jelena Djuriš

Assistant Professor Sandra Cvijić