Innopharma Labs



Innopharma Labs ( provide technology and education solutions for the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing industry. We provide turn-key solutions to ensure the robustness of customer products. This involves process vulnerability assessments followed by technology and education solutions to ensure optimal process robustness.

Our Technologies:
Our process analytical technology (PAT) products are tailor made for the pharmaceutical sector and assist in the control of blending, granulation, roller compaction/milling, compression and packaging processes.
With a focus on direct measurement methods these PAT tools are demonstrably more accurate than the majority of others on the market.  This allows our customers to achieve greater levels of process control with reduced batch reworking costs.  These technologies also provide a means of replacing costly and time consuming manual processes with real-time inline solutions. Our advanced analysis software and intuitive user interfaces complement our technologies to make them both powerful and simple while minimising operator time and training requirements.

Our Education Programmes
Our training division provide courses for those from a scientific or engineering background wishing to acquire the necessary skills to work in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as public and private upskilling courses aimed at training staff to higher levels.

We see the proposed project as an opportunity to work with existing and new partners in both academia and industry, to share knowledge in the areas of product development and manufacture, with a specific focus on process analytical technology. Through the project we will also share experiences of SME start-up and encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and problem-solving skills in the academic community.
Associated Staff
Ian Jones