Amebis Ltd.



Amebis is a privately held technology company based in County Meath, Ireland. Amebis develops and markets innovative stability testing products for the life sciences, cosmetic, food and electronics industries. The pharmaceutical industry is a key customer.

The company currently comprises 5 people.

Amebis products are designed to improve the accuracy and traceability throughout the product lifecycle while maintaining flexibility for the user for their application.

The Amebis Stability Testing & Monitoring System (STAMS) can be used for:
• Small scale stability studies (generate any condition between 0⁰C-80⁰C / 5-95%RH)
• Recording environmental conditions in existing incubators and environmental chambers
• Monitoring and mapping of rooms and cabinets
• Monitoring environmental conditions during the transportation of samples
The Amebis products have been designed to meet the regulatory and industrial requirements of the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry. The Amebis system can be used for developmental stability testing as well as monitoring and mapping of existing cabinets and rooms.
In the context of ICH Q10, a product can achieve a state of continual improvement by quality access to significant real time data as facilitated by Amebis technology. In addition, the concepts of process analytical technologies (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD), currently applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing, could also be extended to include stability testing utilising Amebis technology.
Amebis stated mission is to provide our customers with innovative stability testing products. This will be realised through a continuous commitment to research and development and close working relationships with our strategic partners.
Associated Staff
Dr. Nigel McSweeney