LIAT-Ph Project Kick-off Meeting

The kick-off meeting of the LIAT-Ph Knowledge Alliances project was held in Trinity College Dublin from 26th to 28th November 2013.

The format of the three day meeting was as follows:

Day 1: Tuesday 26th November 2013: Introductory Meeting – attended by the Academic Partners

Day 2: Wednesday 27th November 2013: Curriculum Workshop – attended by the Academic Partners

Day 3: Thursday 28th November 2013: Full Consortium Meeting and Workshop – attended by the Academic and Industry Partners

Day one was a half day meeting. Following introductions, the project co-ordinator, Prof. Anne Marie Healy (Trinity College Dublin) gave a presentation on the LIAT-Ph project aims and objectives. This was followed by a presentation from Prof. Jelena Parojčić (University of Belgrade) entitledOutcomes of the Pharmine project and Current Developments in Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Education”. One of the outputs of the Pharmine project was to set out the competencies required of a “day one” industrial pharmacist. As part of her presentation Jelena also presented the results of two pilot questionnaires which were conducted, as part of the LIAT-Ph project, with a view to ascertaining the views of (1) academic staff and industry partners and (2) recent pharmacy graduates regarding the relevance of the Pharmine-identified competencies and whether these competencies were covered in the pharmacy degree. It was agreed that a follow-up refined version of the questionnaire would be useful to send to a wider industrial audience.

Following an open discussion, Anne Marie Healy gave a presentation on the workpackages and deliverables associated with the LIAT-Ph project. There followed a discussion on the remit of the Working Groups. The membership of 3 Working Groups – one Undergraduate, one Postgraduate/CPD and one Dissemination working group were agreed and the Working Group leaders identified.

The meeting concluded at 17.15 and the group met up again that evening for an enjoyable dinner in One Pico restaurant.


Day two began with three presentations in sequence from three of the University partners:

Prof. Carsten Ehrhardt (Trinity College Dublin) gave a presentation on “Current curricula overview – overview of curricula details as provided by the 5 Universities”. This presentation summarised curricula details provided by the five HEIs in advance of the meeting to the project co-ordinator. A discussion around similarities and differences between the different countries followed.

Prof. Anne Juppo (University of Helsinki) described “Experiences of teaching Industrial Pharmacy in the University of Helsinki” and Prof. Stane Srčič (University of Ljubljana) presented on “Challenges and opportunities in engaging industry in teaching and learning – experiences from the University of Ljubljana”.

Following a discussion of the morning’s presentations, there was a tour of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences’ (TCD) teaching and research facilities.

After the tour and lunch Jelena Parojčić gave a presentation entitled “Previous experiences of an EACEA funded project – tips and advice”. After a good, open discussion the meeting closed at 4pm to allow time for those who were interested to visit the Book of Kells in Trinity.


Day three saw the industry partners join the meeting. The first two presentations from Anne Marie Healy and Jelena Parojčić respectively were a recap from day one, with Anne Marie presenting on the LIAT-Ph project aims and objectives and Jelena on outcomes of Pharmine project and current developments in Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing education.

After a good open discussion and short coffee break, five of the industry partners (APC, Innopharma Labs, NIBRT, Pfizer and Sigmoid Pharma) gave presentations to the group covering their current activities, engagement in educational activities, experience and expectations for the LIAT-Ph project.

Subsequent to the industry presentations the group adjourned for lunch in the 1592 restaurant on the Trinity campus.

After lunch Anne Marie Healy gave a presentation on the workpackages, deliverables and proposed working groups (as proposed by the academic group on day 1).

The partners followed up on discussions which were held during the academic partners meeting on 26th and 27th November regarding the timing and location of the major project events, i.e. three intensive courses, two conferences and student placements.


The Project Steering Committee (PSC) met separately towards the end of day 3 to consider administrative aspects and requirements.

The group discussed the project under 4 topics and set out a plan of how they proposed to move forward.

The first topic discussed was “Project Management and Quality Assurance”. The PSC has responsibility for reviewing the project progress against the project plan. It was highlighted that all activities must be completed, documented and circulated in a timely manner. Participation in meetings, workshops, course seminars and student placements are foreseen as indicators of project progress.  Deadlines were discussed:

  • The draft interim report is due by 30/09/2014.
  • The final interim report by 31/10/2014.

The PSC must meet at least once per quarter with at least one face-to-face meeting per year which Anne Marie has agreed to organise.

The second topic discussed was “Financial Management”. The partners were informed of the stipulation in the grant agreement that at least 70% of the pre-financing must be spent by the time of the interim report (i.e. end of year one). The pre-financing is 40% of the total grant. The co-ordinator agreed to distribute the initial instalment of pre-financing to the partners as soon as all their bank details are sent through. A discussion was held concerning the importance of completing timesheets and completing and returning mobility reports in a timely manner. It was agreed that timesheets should be kept up to date by each partner. Details of staff costs (based on timesheets) should be returned to the co-ordinator (TCD) every 6 months. For this purpose, a template Staff Costs Reporting Form will be prepared by Anne Marie Healy and forwarded to all partners.

The third topic discussed was the “Project events schedule”. Following on from the discussion between all the project partners regarding dates for key events, it was agreed that:

It was agreed that:

  • The first intensive course would be held in Dublin in March/April 2014 to be hosted by NIBRT/TCD with a possible visit to Pfizer, Grange Castle. The theme of the course would be biopharmaceuticals.
  • The second intensive course would be held to coincide with a conference in Belgrade in October 2014.
  • The third intensive course should be held in Belfast in March/April 2015.
  • The first conference would be scheduled to follow a scientific meeting which is scheduled to be held in Portorož (Slovenia) in September 2014.
  • The second conference will be held in Helsinki in July/August 2015.
  • It was agreed that some student placements should take place in the summer of 2014 (and be completed in year 1 of the project) with other placements taking place in year 2.

The co-ordinator agreed to prepare a summary calendar indicating all major project events and deadlines. This calendar will be regularly updated as dates for various events are firmed up.

Anne Marie Healy informed the meeting that the first meeting of co-ordinators for new Knowledge Alliance Projects was due to take place on 22nd and 23rd January 2014.

The fourth and final topic was “Dissemination”. TCD (Anne Marie Healy and Cecilia McAllister) have been looking into the website, a number of quotes have been received and a Web Designer has been decided upon. They hope for it to be up and running before Christmas.

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